Threads and buttons water


TN&Platex customers use Bonetería yarns to produce knitted fabrics on small and large diameter circular knitting machines, as well as on rectilinear machines.


With them, genres such as jersey, interlock, rib, frieze, morley, piqué, etc. are achieved, which will serve – once dyed – to make T-shirts, jumpsuits, sweaters, sweaters, gloves, sports stockings, underwear and other garments. . These yarns are also used for the manufacture of cleaning articles (grids, floor cloths and flannels).


Those who own flat looms use sturdy Water yarns to produce trouser fabrics, tarpaulins, upholstery and shirt fabrics, white goods (sheets, tablecloths, towels), blind tapes, and many other items.

For certain types of knit or flat weave, as well as for sewing yarns, twisted yarns with two, three or more ends are produced at TN&Platex. The range ranges from titles with Open End technology 4/2 to 24/2 and fine combed titles like 24/3 and 30/2.


TN&Platex also supplies the textile industry with a range of fantasy yarns, made with manufactured fibers of different characteristics and origins, such as cotton yarns with spandex, moulinee and melange in various colors, polyester, viscose, acrylic, intimate blends between said flamé fibers and yarns.


Uses for conventional spinning


Open end spinning rotors