Knitted fabrics

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In recent times, the company incorporated a new production unit, knitting with circular machines. These machines of the latest technology and great production allow to obtain fabrics of excellent quality and satisfy the needs of the market.

Knitted fabrics are produced in them, on the one hand basic and classic that facilitate the productive development of our clients, and on the other hand fabrics with differentiated yarns, which follow the latest fashion trends, obtained from raw materials developed in our plants and generated in the most renowned European centers.

Invisible friza (cotton, poal, injected, buttoned, melange)
2-wire / rustic friza (in many variants)
Jersey (hairstyles, carding, oe, poal, melange, differentiated: injected, mousse, viscolino, botoné, flamé, snowy, jaspé, mosaic, glitters (manhattan, paris))
Elastane fabrics (jersey, rustic, morley, rib)
Morley / rib / ribbed (for cuff and / or fabric)

The possibility of offering our clients the alternative of raw fabrics, already made, or of yarns for them to develop themselves in their plants, together with our technical advice, is undoubtedly a qualitative advantage that we are very proud to be able to provide. .

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