Eco sustainable yarns


Adopting the circular economy since 1980, our sustainable yarns are manufactured from the waste generated in clothing. We take those scraps, reuse them, and generate colored yarns without the need to re-dye, reducing the environmental impact of the textile industry and generating value from waste, with the aim of continually increasing our contribution not only to the economy, but to society and the environment.


We are pioneers in the country in the manufacture of this type of yarn, having been the first to bring this technology. For 40 years, we have served the markets for cleaning articles and sports stockings, among others, with yarns of titles from 4 to 16 Ne in approximately ten to twelve colors.

We will continue innovating to be able to reach title 24 and 30 Ne. We are incorporating equipment to improve blends and achieve these yarns, with an even higher quality than the current one, changing the market to be able to use it in jersey, rib and Morley, and expanding its application to craft, sweater, upholstery, and camba clothing markets. , men’s dress stockings, and many more.