Yarns that end in garments of the highest quality

From fabrics, towels and shirts, to tires and books, TN&Platex yarns are present in a wide range of products that we enjoy every day.

Our Products

Circular economy

We are committed to taking the company to a totally circular process, working on our triple impact: economic, social and environmental. It is a long road ahead, but we are willing to see it through. We already reuse the vast majority of our waste, as well as waste from other links in the textile industry’s value chain, and this is only the beginning.

Eco Sustainable Yarns

Our business units

We offer a wide range of yarns, in different counts and characteristics, of conventional and open-end spinning, to supply the different requirements of the industry.

We produce high quality and variety knitted fabrics, both basic and differentiated, that adapt to the needs of the market and fashion.

Through our development team, which is constantly searching for new products, cutting-edge yarns are produced that follow international trends.

We offer sustainable products of color, with wide varieties of titles, both for knitting and flat looms. We mix this regenerated product with acrylic and polyester.

New business unit of the group. We offer socks and underwear with our own brands and for third-party brands, produced in a modern factory of the highest quality and productivity

As an initiative to get closer to our suppliers, we have started to offer cotton bale bags. We will be leaders in this market.

Bulk Pack Division

It specializes in the manufacture of flexible packaging for intermediate load in the chemical, food, mining, petrochemical and other markets.


TN&Platex is present in the international market, competing as equals in globalized and highly demanding markets, where only products with the highest levels of quality are accepted, which must be accompanied by values ​​of service, delivery and prompt response. Since its inception in this activity, TN&Platex has consolidated in the markets of the United States, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Portugal, Spain, Great Britain, Thailand, Germany and Italy and continues its expansion towards the demand from other markets. Today it is the largest spinning mill in the southern hemisphere.


Collaborators working in plants


Productive M2 in different Provinces


Countries to which we export the product


In the main office, based in Vicente Lopez, 80 people work. This includes the entire administrative team, purchases, collections, the commercial, institutional, productive team and the Medias Ciudadela team.