From a small spinning mill to
industry leaders

The Company

We are a family business, run by professionals. Our origin goes back to the entrepreneurial vision with which our father and grandfather Agop Karagozian started in 1948 in Argentina.


TN&Platex was born in 1979 as a spin-off of the Karatex company, from which it became independent in 1998. From a small spinning mill with a capacity of 150 tons per month of OE yarn, in the city of Monte Caseros, Province of Corrientes, we have grown and We have developed to become the leading textile company in Argentina and the southern hemisphere.


With eight industrial plants, a distribution center and administrative offices distributed in six provinces, today we occupy 160,000 productive m2 and directly employ 1,200 employees.

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We are a thriving company that prides itself on its people and its past, works as a team, and provides personalized service to its suppliers and customers.


Assuming our leadership, we are committed to the destinies of our industrial sector. We have an active role in the development and defense of the entire agro-textile and clothing value chain. We do this daily from our company, and together with other companies and benchmarks in the sector at the Pro Tejer Foundation, as well as participating in the most representative business union entities in the country in defense of the national industry.

But, above all, our priority is placed on the quality of our production and all TN & Platex is committed to improving day by day the products we produce for clients in our country and neighbors.


We especially want to thank our loyal customers and suppliers for the commitment with which they accompany us every day. Many have been doing it since our origin. For our part, we will work tirelessly to honor this loyalty, commitment, and trust, and keep up to date with the technology and products they bring.

The Mission of

Our Mission

To constantly develop and grow, standing out for offering products that economically benefit our customers and manage to maintain and exceed our position as leaders as the most important yarn suppliers in the southern hemisphere.
We will achieve this based on our industrial capacity, our capacity for innovation and adaptation, and now, the development of our capacity to offer differentiated products that accompany the traditional yarns required by our clients.


Studying and internalizing global fashion trends, increasingly complex, quickly supplying the regional market, giving our clients the opportunity to compete on equal terms with international competitors, offering innovative and competitive products.

We must maintain and improve the quality level of our products, eliminating the misuse of energy and raw materials, with the selection and training of human resources aligned with these objectives, thus lowering costs.


We will achieve this with attention to detail and data analysis, systematically improving the use of the technology used. Industrial companies today are a series of trained people who analyze data to improve production processes, read market movements and implement the necessary changes. In this way we will make the products we manufacture more competitive, more adapted and adequate, and cheaper.


We are then an industrial company whose ultimate goal is to perpetuate ourselves in the market and to do so requires that it obtain economic benefits to continually equip itself and satisfy its shareholders.

To achieve these benefits, we must focus the attention of the human resources we have to search and find products, clients and sectors that have opportunities for profitability, and in turn, quickly discard those that mean losses that cannot be reversed.


The entire company is then based on these people who understand these requirements and these limitations, who, interacting with each other and with those outside the company, use their analytical skills to apply the technology to satisfy the mission developed in the first paragraph and they are therefore the most important thing in the company.


Collaborators working in plants


One thousand productive M2 in different provinces


Countries to which we export the product

Nuestro equipo de Profesionales

Teddy Karagozian

Director | President | Ceo

Aldo Karagozian


Dino Karagozian


Tomi Karagozian

Director | Coo

Jorge Sorabilla

Institutional and Administrative Director

Cristian de Winne

Director | Controller

Eduardo Coeli

Production manager

Federico Byttebier

Commercial manager

Ricardo Colmeiro

Planning manager

Santiago Bonatti