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Joined the group in 2007, following the takeover of the Karamanian family. In
2010, two years after a serious fire, the plant reopened its doors. COTECA has
state-of-the-art technology and once again OE yarn in manufactured in the
province of Catamarca.

Characteristics of the plant

Location of the plant: National Route Nº 38 Km 1305 (4700)
Industrial Park El Pantanillo.
Meters built: 10,000 m², on 15 hectares
Plant staff: 60 people
Equipped with machinery: Trützschler, Schlafhorst, Rieter
Production Capacity: 420 tons per month

TE: +54 (03833) 435812
Fax: +54 (03833) 430803


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