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We want to develop and permanently increase our commercial potential, which stands out for offering our clients better yarn and services, maintaining our profitability which allows us to increase our market participation, through a profit re-investment policy and the training of our employees.

In our role as suppliers: we make an effort to keep a good product price/quality ratio, we provide our clients with excellent service and we ensure a mutually beneficial relationship, always respecting the agreed commercial conditions.

As buyers of raw material, goods and services: we are reliable and respectful of our obligations, practicing our right to receive good prices and quality, in order to fulfill our responsibility as suppliers of high quality yarn to the textile industry.

As employers: we provide a stable job source for our employees always offering them the best treatment. We are concerned about promoting the professional and personal development of our people, following their objectives which lead to common benefits both for the employees and the company. We demand integrity, commitment and reliability, and reward initiative and cooperation.

As an economic entity: we ensure returns to those who risk their capital in our company, either with dividends or growth projections, through reasonable and stable benefits in our activity.

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