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Quality controls begin with the raw material, analyzing the samples sent by suppliers, which undergo visual and tactile controls to determine the grade and the character of the cotton, and the objective measurements through the HVI equipment to determine the values corresponding to resistance, stretching, micronaire, length and the nature of impurities of the fiber. Strict controls throughout the process guarantee the quality of our yarn.

In plant laboratories

Statistical process control (SPC)
Quality controls by sampling, which allow the analysis of factors which are not
normally viewed with normal evaluation methods.

Measuring equipment:
1. Uster Tensorapid III: allows the analysis of resistance, stretching and tenacity
parameters of the yarns. This enables the identification of possible failures in
2. Uster Tester IV with expert system: allows the control of the small variations
in the mass (regularity) of bands, wicks and yarns so that the laboratory can
LABORATORIESdiagnose mechanical or control failures in the machinery.
3. Uster Autosorter III: allows the analysis of counting (uniformity of weight and
length) of bands, wicks and yarns.
4. Uster AFIS L-N-T: detects the quality of the semi-elaborated cotton in the length
of fibers, the quantity and size of the neps that it contains, the particles, the micro
dust and maturity, avoiding irregularities in the raw material that could later be
transferred to the finished product.
5. Lawson-Hemphill (CTT-BU): it is used to measure the friction and abrasion
coefficient of the yarn in the needle and the volatility of the fibers in the process of
spinning. The on-line equipment allows electronically controlling the whole product,
guaranteeing the quality.

Sliver Data:
Count control, which allows the elimination of possible deviations of counts that
exceed the quality limits required and detects variations that cause visible effects,
interrupting the process. Therefore the production of imperfect material is avoided,
due to the high speed of the machine. This control guarantees flawless production
24 hours a day.

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