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“We have seven plants in the interior of
the country, with covered surface of 135,000 m2and
1,500 employees”.

The TN&Platex group has 165,000 spindles; 13,600 rotors; 3,500 twisting spindles and a monthly production capacity of 4,700 tons, distributed in 7 industrial plants. Furthermore, the group has its Headquarters, a Distribution Centre and an HVI Laboratory, to analyze cotton. A structure that clearly shows that TN&Platex is an International level company.
The company is continuously growing and expanding, reflected in its distinguishing technologies (open end, carded, combed and differentiated yarns), the mixtures of fibers and the diversity of the national and international clients.

Monte Caseros Plant
Hilados 1
PAC 1 Plant
Chaco Plant
Hilados 2
Coteca Plant
PAC 2 Plant
Distribution centre

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