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The trust and support of our customers and suppliers have meant that TN & Platex has become the leader in the Argentine textile industry. We have grown and developed together, and there is still much to be done.

The slogan "Grow with us" has been a true reflection of what has happened since 1978, when we began the construction of our first plant in Monte Caseros.

Today, after a long journey, we want to express the feeling of beginning a new stage through the slogan “COUNT ON US” We will make every effort so that COUNT is synonymous with quality, support, training, trust, strength, development, procurement, fair price, delivery, plans and joint projects, innovation, excellence and future.

We Count On You.


Creation of the isotype

The image was designed and created by the renowned Argentine artist Juan Doffo. It shows four force lines which, as yarn, symbolize the employees, customers and suppliers, which join together or intersect at one point. This movement evokes the integration with TN & Platex, after which new patterns or brightly colored fabrics are produced.

"The lines begin at the bottom as gray (achromatic) yarns and after they are joined, they continue and are transformed into bright chromatic and luminous colors, which express future and hope," says Doffo.

Mr. Juan Doffo has recently been awarded with the First Prize of the Salón Nacional and the Grand Prize of the María Calderón De La Barca Foundation. His piece, which combines painting with photography, is the synthesis of two fundamental experiences: culture and nature, in the geography of his hometown in the province of Buenos Aires